Channing Gray is a studio artist whose illustrative practice intersects drawing, painting, bookmaking and installation to navigate her nomadic memories through symbolic narratives. Ancient constellation maps, miscellany, herbaria and aerial landscapes are muses for her method of charting connections between people, place and time. She lives in Kissimmee, Florida and works as an Arts & Crafts Lead for the City of Saint Cloud: Parks & Recreation Department.


Gray received her MFA in Studio Art at the Florida State University in 2020 and a BA in Fine Art from University of Central Florida in 2017. Her work has been shown across the southern region and virtual media platforms internationally. Exhibition spaces include the Museum of Fine Arts at FSU, Fusion Steam Gallery at the Orlando Science Center, Art Fields in Lake City South Carolina, City Arts Factory in Downtown Orlando, and the UCF Gallery. Virtual spaces include World University of Design Online Art Competition, Bean Collective, We Found Space, Social Distance Gallery (COVID-19), Karkhana Art Space, Lacuna Festivals, and Polemical Zine. She was part of two virtual artist residencies in 2020: CRISIS Residency: Creativity In-Place and SPUR.WORLD Virtual Residency. Her current project is creating circular drawings and collecting botanicals from randonauting sessions.