My studio practice explores nomadic memory through temporal motifs, dream-spaces, and stellar cartography. As a storyteller, I use drawing, painting, bookmaking and installation to create compositions of collected objects and coupling figures into scenes that mimic the structure of cosmic charts. I relate my work to star constellations because I am symbolically connecting specific objects to certain memories, just like the stories in the stars. The narrative of my memories is based around the nomadic travels of my youth, where I lived between spaces and couldn’t ground myself to one place. I made connections with those temporary places with items I carried through the years. The figures within my work represent individuals within my life, I illustrate them into intertwining entities that occupy a gravity-less, dreamlike realm of my tangled memories. Combining drawing tools, painting materials, and collected objects, I make work that maps out a sort of journey. From the inhabited places to the different people, I work with stories from moments that gave me a sense of “home” when I wasn’t bound to one.


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Created by Channing Gray, Published 2015.

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