My studio practice explores nomadic memory through temporal motifs, dream-spaces, and stellar cartography. By specializing in traditional illustration, book arts, and installation, I create work that connects personal moments in time with various places and specific objects. As a storyteller, I use drawing to create compositions of collected objects and coupling figures into scenes that mimic the structure of cosmic charts. I relate my work to star constellations because I am symbolically connecting specific objects to certain memories, just like the stories in the stars. The narrative of my memories is based around the nomadic travels of my youth, where I lived between spaces and couldn’t ground myself to one place. I made connections with those temporary places with items I carried through the years. The figures within my work represent individuals within my life, I illustrate them into intertwining entities that occupy a gravity-less, dreamlike realm of my tangled memories. Such moments include playing card games when I was alone, the spyglass I shared with my father, and railroad ballasts as memory particles of the landscape. Combining drawing tools, painting materials, and collected objects, I make work that maps out a sort of journey. From the various places to the different people, I work with stories from moments that gave me a sense of “home” when I wasn’t bound to one.

Channing Gray (b. 1994) is a visual artist based in Kissimmee, FL. She received an MFA in Studio Art from Florida State University in 2020 and worked as a gallery assistant for the Museum of Fine Arts. Gray held a leadership role at the Working Method Contemporary Gallery and presided over the League of Graduate Artists. Her work was featured in multiple shows and exhibitions including the Art Fields in Lake City Competition in 2019 and the Fusion Steam Gallery at the Orlando Science Center in 2017. She is currently part of two virtual artist residencies: CRISIS Residency: Creativity In-Place and SPUR Virtual Residency.

Created by Channing Gray, Published 2015.

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