My work is at the intersection of temporal motifs, dream-spaces, and celestial cartography. Using circular compositions, intertwining bodies, and floating objects; I’m drawing gravity-less realms to depict real and imaginary stories to symbolize my nomadic memory. When shifting between homes, I found connections with miscellany objects to the temporary spaces I once inhabited: pail of rocks from the railroad, silver rings from grandmother’s jewelry box, a teal journal with prose of my nightmares, worn out playing cards to play solitaire, borrowed comics from the library, and stargazing through bedroom windows. The core of my work is inspired by astronomy charts, where charting entities gave a place to my nostalgia. With painting, bookmaking, found objects and installations; I’m adding a connection between a graphic novel aesthetic with a poetic mapping of thoughts that symbolize narratives of identity, time, and place - where these tumbling memories are guides as I shift between spaces.