The installations for the LIMINAL CONNECTION series are to expand my drawing practice and give a space for individuals to feel an in-between state. I would use lights to mimic stars, ballasts to hold memory and dyed fabric for the changing skies. The ballasts are more than just rocks, they are these bits of particles that hold the memory of places I’ve been, and I wonder if others before having collected them as well, like a shared memory that crosses time. Then with the fabric, I dyed them in reference to the cosmic clouds but in the palette of atmospheric clouds for the between state may seem out of reach but is more familiar than it seems.


Like an old saying: We look to the stars, but we forget about the gems at our feet. This sense of being unable to commerce with others seems out of reach but they too may be wandering in that plain and that’s when the individuals begin to group and correlate, for finding each other is what they have been searching for.